AMSTERDAM is a solution developed with functionality and the beauty of design to store the bike with the maximum optimization of the space of the home environments.

You can place 1, 2, 3 or as many AMSTERDAM as you need side by side or around your home to store your bikes.

The metal frame can be rotated 180º, allowing you to place the bike on the metal support frontally and rotate it to a position parallel to the wall, thus allowing you to take advantage of small spaces or display it in any room in the house.

In the lower part there is a closet to store the cyclist’s accessories and in the upper part there is a space to store the helmet and shoes.

For different tire types and wheel diameters, adjustable tube mounts adjust for every tire size and width. In addition to the vertical aesthetics, the metallic structure prevents dirt from contaminating the environment around the furniture and serves as a support so that the two wheels of the bicycle do not have contact with the wall.

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When we developed AMSTERDAM, we thought of:

  • Much more than just a stand

  • A dream place for your bike

  • A special solution for your home and your bike

  • The beauty and elegance of design

  • Made for those with little space

  • Stability

  • A structurally strong and robust furniture

  • A furniture of presence

  • Made with reforested wood



The AMSTERDAM rack is a vertical piece of furniture with a central frame to accommodate a bicycle. The central part consists of a metal support to store all types of bicycles and wheel sizes. The metallic structure allows the fitting of the front tire in the “U” shaped channel, which allows the bike to be vertically fitted in a safe and stable way. The bicycle is supported only on the tires, there is no contact with the wheel so that it is not damaged and scratched.

The metal support, which holds the bike, is made of tubes with a graphite epoxy finish. The bike is easily stowed by the front tire.

The product is delivered partially assembled. Requires assembly by the user with the help of a manual developed for the process to be simple and easy. Assembly does not require special skill.



The metal bike support can be rotated to both sides or be perpendicular to the wall, adapting the position of the bike or bikes according to the space of the environment.


Dimensions: L: 420 mm D: 300 mm H: 2300 mm

Weight: 20 kg

Finish and colors: Black / Almond

Materials: 18 mm thick pine multilaminated plywood (100% reforested wood). Finishing with dye, 2 coats of sealer and satin polyurethane varnish

Metal part in iron tube with epoxy finish in graphite color.

Application: Speed, MTB, Urban and E-bikes

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