Founded in 2019, MOVVO was born from its founder’s idea to take paths that would inspire people to a more harmonious relationship with the environment and promote well-being, health, beauty and sustainability. 

Working for decades as former project and quality executive of one of the world’s largest automakers fulfilled the latent aspiration for new challenges and invited an experienced furniture designer to create a line of bicycle furniture together. Under the duo’s careful eyes for detail, the first exclusive pieces were made from certified origin wood, designed for the perfect accommodation of bikes and to optimize storage in both compact and ample residential spaces.



We know that many people incorporate the bike and its surrounding universe into their lifestyle. Sport, health, mobility, fun and constant care for the environment are some of our motivations and thoughts; we are part of this world. We fully understand this love and desire for bikes to occupy a prominent place in the spaces where we live.

We are a 100% Brazilian company born from the inspiration of our founder and the attentive eye of a furniture designer, who together have created a furniture line that elevates the harmonious combination of bike design and the contemporary style of its furniture to the state of the art, transforming them into a singular object to enjoy.

With a line of 6 unique furniture models, each designed to fit the rider’s design preference and residential space, MOVVO honored iconic cycling destinations by giving their names to the models: Etna, Yukon, Annapurna, Nantes, Dublin, and Iporanga. 

We make furniture for people who love their bike. We are part of this world.




We are passionate about biking! We think of it in everything we do. It is incredible that an engineering project of more than 150 years is today the main means of sustainable urban mobility. And for us it’s very easy to talk about the reasons for this passion:

  • It puts a big smile on our face
  • It’s pure sport and health
  • You feel like you can fly
  • Faster and easier than walking
  • It is silent as the wind
  • The planet gives a little more love to the life of those who use it
  • It gives you iron legs
  • No need to pay for fuel, fines, parking or insurance… YIPPEEE!
  • Go through any traffic jam
  • Slows down global warming
  • Does not emit smoke
  • Gets you in shape
  • You can carry your shoppings in it


A house is not just a physical space to live in. It is a space for personal stories, caring relationships, an environment for being who you are. It reflects the personality and style of those who live in every detail: walls, aromas, sounds, colors, and the objects on display. MOVVO aims to be part of this collection of things and emotions. Especially of those who love their bike. Our furniture is designed to be in harmony with these areas, whether spacious or compact, through one of our 6 models: Etna, Yukon, Annapurna, Iporanga, Dublin, and Nantes.

The bike occupies a special place in the heart of cyclists. MOVVO ensures that this close conviviality continues back home from city tours, trails and roads, giving it a prominent place and perfect accommodation. 


Our design is based on two creative and complementary lines. The first is to provide a solution. Here the focus is on functionality, solidity, fitting structures, size and durability.The second line focuses on beauty. A tireless analysis of materials, form and aesthetics in combining the furnishing with the bike makes them a singular object to enjoy.


We choose wood as the base raw material for our furniture. It has been present in our life since the world has existed. It serves as a shelter in the construction of houses, as firewood and in the construction of tools and utensils, and its more recent use in the manufacture of furniture. When we first came up with the idea of bicycle furniture, we wanted it to be made of wood, an element of nature that has served in the shelter, defense, and survival of humanity throughout its existence. Our furniture is made of wood of certified origin.

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