The SPOT is a compact and light floor support, designed to store the bike upright, without tilting or its tires moving after being positioned on its structure. The tire immediately fits into the groove and stands with total stability.

The SPOT is composed of longitudinal parts fixed in assembly by means of manual pressure, without using screws or fastening devices, where the tires are easily placed and removed and the perfect fit accommodates all types of wheels and tires, regardless of width and diameter. The MOVVO design team created the SPOT so that your bike never falls or sways and stands with total stability.

Made in 3 versions to accommodate one to three bikes lined up side by side.

  • Mono SPOT for one bike
  • Double SPOT for two bikes
  • Triple SPOT for three bikes

Beauty, practicality and functionality make SPOT an intelligent solution for those who need a specific place to store up to three bikes in a safe, organized and spatially-optimized manner.



SPOT Double


SPOT Triple


When we think of SPOT, we think of:

  • Much more than a simple support
  • Simple, easy to assemble and carry anywhere
  • A beautiful stand with a design that matches everything
  • Fits all bikes
  • Minimalism with a robust structure
  • Stability and balance
  • Versatility for up to three bikes at once
  • Stands your bike upright without swaying
  • A parking place or display for lots and lots of bikes. Simply align multiple SPOTS side by side


The fixation base is made using a geometric cut in the transversal parts that serve as lateral support for the tire. The design of the cut allows complete stability of the bike over the SPOT structure. The bike can be placed upright by the rear or front tire. Whichever position you choose, the bike will stabilize, without tilting or risk of falling.



Mono SPOT: L: 800 mm W: 400 mm H: 300 mm, weight: 3.4 kg
Double SPOT: L: 800 mm W: 520 mm H: 300 mm, weight: 4.8 kg
Triple SPOT: L: 800 mm W: 920 mm H: 300 mm, weight: 8.0 kg

Finish and colors: Matte black lacquered

Materials: Produced with 18 mm wide multilaminated pine Plywood (100% reforested wood)

Application: Speed ​​Bikes, MTB, Urban, E-bike, regardless of tire width

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