YUKON is one of the most compact and elegant models in MOVVO’s furniture line. Designed to optimize space and enhance a special corner of the environment, it allows you to exhibit the bike prominently as if it were a frame on the wall. The aesthetic effect is amazing! The bike and the YUKON become a singular object to enjoy. Pure art! The case is made of 100% certified Tauari solid wood and has a tambour door that, when opened, reveals a compartment for storing accessories like helmets, keys, sunglasses, computer cycle, gloves and basic tools. Two metal hooks on the outside are designed for hanging accessories such as cycle shoes, helmet, backpack, and clothes.


When we think of YUKON, we think of:

  • The bike as a frame on the wall
  • A prominent wall to show off the bike
  • Minimalist elegance
  • Compact size
  • Practicality
  • Easy to uninstall and move
  • Smooth aesthetics with rounded corners


Fixing the furniture to the wall is simple, just screw on the wooden bracket with 3 wall anchors and hang the cabinet. The ideal height for it to be fixed is 130 cm from the floor.

The bike should be snapped into the U-shaped bracket on the front, which contains non-slip protection and is suitable for accommodating Speed MTB and Urban bikes. The bracket allows vertical adjustment of approximately 15 degrees according to the degree of inclination of the bicycle rod.

The product is delivered assembled


The product is delivered assembled.

Dimensions: L: 500 mm W: 340 mm H: 460 mm

Weight: 13 kg

Finish and colors:Almond / Pine nut

Materials: Tauari solid wood.
The wooden stand is covered with non-slip rubber inside to protect the bike. Dye finish, 2 coats of sealant and satin polyurethane varnish.

Speed Bikes, MTB, Urban, Antique & Collector


Women’s Bikes with Low Frame
Bikes that have rods with an inclination greater than 15 degrees.

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