We are a 100% Brazilian company born from the inspiration of our founder, and the attentive eye of a furniture designer, who together have created a furniture line that elevates the harmonious combination of bike design and the contemporary style of furniture to the state of the art, transforming them into a singular object to enjoy.


AMSTERDAM is a rack developed with full functionality with the beauty of MOVVO’s design to store the bike with maximum space optimization in the home environments. A solution that allows you to occupy small spaces in the house in the storage of your bike or display it in a unique way in any environment of the house. To make your bike even more special!



The SPOT is a compact and versatile floor rack in mono, double and triple versions, perfect for accommodating one to three standing bikes. With the differentials of being a light piece and having a minimalist design, it can be moved easily and will look great in any environment of the home, office, commercial establishment or bike shop.



ANNAPURNA was designed to exhibit the bike with utmost prominence. The rack is asymmetric and elegant with contemporary shapes. Structurally strong, it provides stability to the set. A drawer, a cabinet and a shelf allow you to store all rider accessories and tools in one place. The top consists of a center groove and an adjustable clamping system into which the tires are fitted, ensuring the stability of the set. The center groove is recessed and coated with non-slip and washable rubber. Its purpose is to protect the furniture and your home, preventing them from contamination by dirt from the bicycle tire. This piece is suited to receive all types and sizes of bicycle.



Designed to optimize space and store up two upright bikes. The metal frame allows the front tire to fit into the U-shaped groove, so that the bicycle is securely and stably held in a vertical position. The bicycle is only supported on the tires, with no contact with the wheel, so that it is not damaged and scratched. For different tire types and wheel diameters, adjustable supports adjust for each tire size and width.In addition to the vertical aesthetics, the metal frame prevents dirt from contaminating the surrounding area and ensures the two bicycle wheels have no contact with the wall. The center of the furnishing contains shelves, drawers and door to hold all rider accessories, clothes and tools. Everything can be locked for added security. Small lateral hooks serve to hang clothes, sneakers, and accessories. The metal frame can be mounted either side or front, depending on the space available or the user’s wish, depending on how you would like to show off your bike.

MOVVO – Soluções Inteligentes para Ciclistas – Eireli
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